Marine Couplings

For over 50 years Renold Hi-Tec Couplings has been providing solutions to the marine industry. The inherent failsafe nature of rubber in compression technology used by Renold Hi-Tec make their couplings ideal for applications where failure is not an option.

Renold Hi-Tec has a comprehensive range that is suitable for main propulsion drive, misalignment or onboard power generation. Our solutions are used on every size of vessel from small workboats in the Crayfish industry to large Dredgers and liners operating all over the world. In all cases our product was chosen because it was able to deliver the technical characteristics required from a flexible coupling as well as being of a robust and dependable nature.

Marine Propulsion Couplings


This innovative coupling has been designed to satisfy a vast spectrum of diesel drive and compressor applications providing low linear stiffness and control of resonant torsional vibration with intrinsically fail safe operation.

Max Torque: 375kNM

HTB Coupling


The HTB coupling is a high temperature blind assembly coupling designed for mounting inside bell housings.



DCB Coupling

The unrivalled quality and endurance capability designed into every DCB coupling make it ideally suited for marine propulsion, power generation and reciprocating compressor applications where long life, fail safe operation and control of resonant torsional vibrations are essential.

Maximum torque range: 5520 kNm




 VF                                                                                                                     Go

The VF coupling is a highly flexible coupling with a low stiffness
and high misalignment capability. This makes it ideally suited
for use on flexibly mounted engine applications where a low
stiffness and high misalignment capability is required. The VF
coupling is an ideal power take off coupling because of its low
torsional stiffness.