Industrial Gearbox Service & Repair

As a manufacturer of gear units which includes fixed speed reducers, motorised units and variable speed drives Renold offers a repair service you simply cannot obtain anywhere else.  All the major unit types will be undertaken not only from the Renold range but from all other leading gear unit manufacturers including: Sumitomo, Hansen, SEW, Highfield, David Brown, Flender, Rossi and Falk.

Renold Gears have a complete inspection facility throughout the whole plant, with 100% running test on all new and repaired gear products.  A team of dedicated specialists with unique knowledge of gear products who will match quality work with quality service.

The Service & Repair Department ensures that your Renold, Holroyd & Croft worm gear units can be rebuilt with genuine components direct from the manufacturer. Where a complete overhaul is necessary you can benefit from the inclusion of an electron beam welded wormwheel (up to 14" centres) giving added security, particularly for highly stressed applications.

Only Renold have instant access to historical records enabling us to save you time and money by quickly identifying and replacing worn out or damaged components and our dedictated internal sales staff ensures a fast and personal service.

  • Single source for all power transmission solutions.
  • Planned maintenance downtime to give rapid response.
  • Full technical support to give drive systems upgrade and modernisation.
  • Full 12 month manufacturers warranty.
  • Reconditioning of leading makes of worm and helical gear units and variable speed drive units.
  • Technical design back up for all applicational and design requirements.
  • On-site maintenance and in-situ repairs for all units in all areas.
  • Plant survey by Renold engineers to allow for planned maintenance.
  • The only source of genuine Renold manufactured factory parts.
  • Dedicated production and test facility ensuring perfect efficiency.


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