Customised Sprag Clutches

Renold Clutches and Couplings manufacture the highest quality customised Sprag Clutches. Please contact us with your requirements.

Customised Sprag Clutch Freewheels

SH & SHL Sprag Clutch Freewheels

SH & SLH Series

  • Heavy duty sprag clutches eliminate reverse rotation when used on non-backdriving applications.
  • Precision sprags create instantaneous action with no backlash
  • High Torque capacity yet compact design
  • Enhanced sealing available on large clutch sizes for use in hostile environment
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    Enhanced Seal

    The Renold enhanced seal sprag clutch range of products are based on the standard size range of 1027 to 3500. The design of the clutch includes a Labyrinth seal, preventing the ingress of abrasive dust, grit and moisture making it suitable for use in most hostile environments.



    Tension Release

    The WA series Tension Release Mechanism is a Renold sprag clutch holdback contained within a housing which allows for the safe controlled release of tension on an
    inclined belt conveyor when needed or required.



    Torque Limiter

    The Renold sprag clutch torque limiter device is designed for use on applications where overload conditions are to be restricted to a design limit.