SO/SX Series

A high precision, clutch suitable for medium to heavy duty applications


  • All clutches are fitted with high precision heavy duty bearings for arduous duty applications
  • Clutch sizes 300 to 700 are fitted with ARO sprags to resist vibration and high transient torques and overloads
  • SO series clutches, oil lubricated suitable for overrunning, backstopping and medium duty indexing (up to 150 indexed/minute)
  • Grease lubrication is available where high inner race overrunning speeds are required or maintenance is difficult
  • SO series clutches, grease lubricated for use on general purpose overrunning and backstopping applications
  • SX series clutches, oil lubricated designed for medium to heavy indexing applications (over 150 indexes/minute)


  • Pump drives
  • Paper Machinery
  • Textile Machinery
  • Light duty hammer mills
  • Fan Drives
  • General industrial applications


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