Sprag Clutch Freewheels

A Sprag Clutch is a free-wheel device having an inner race, and an outer race either of which can be the input or output member. The input member can be arranged to drive the output member in a chosen direction and permit the output member to over-run in the same direction.

In general, Sprag Clutches are able to transmit greater torques, within given overall dimensions, than other types of free-wheel device.

There are 3 basic applications for a sprag clutch: overrunning; indexing; backstopping.

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Sprag Clutch Freewheels

SA Series Sprag Clutch Freewheels

SA Series

Light duty freewheel clutches
Available from size 02 to size 05


SB Series Sprag Clutch Freewheels

SB Series

A light duty freewheel clutch. Allows direct mounting with chain pinions, gears etc.
Available from size 3 to size 16


SO/SX Sprag Clutch Freewheels

SO/SX Series

A high precision, clutch suitable for medium to heavy duty applications. A high precision clutch suitable for medium to heavy duty applications.
SO - For overrunning applications
SX - For indexing applications


Flanged Stubshaft Adaptor

Flanged  Stub Shaft Adaptor

The same as the SO/SX, these freewheels are made available with fitted stub shaft adaptors
Available from size 300 to 1027


SCPF & SCGF Sprag Clutch Freewheels


A medium to large power capacity sprag clutch and flexible coupling combination range
SCPF - Sprag clutch freewheel fitted with Renold Pinflex couplings
SCGF - Sprag clutch freewheel fitted with Renold Gearflex couplings
Available in all freewheel sizes


DM Series Sprag Clutch Freewheels


High torque capacity yet compact direct mounting design, suitable for backstopping applications
Available in a wide range of sizes, from 125 to 513